Religious School

Temple Shirat Shalom offers our congregants a unique and exciting religious school experience. We are a small, close knit community, one that can respond quickly to the needs of our children and the fast-paced, over-booked world they live in.  Our students meet only once each week, yes only once! Following a traditional T’fillah, small group or individual instruction is provided in Hebrew. We understand that children learn at different paces.  At the end of this hour is where we take a slight detour from the traditional classroom. Hands on learning from cooking classes to monthly field trips help our students to explore our rich heritage. Parents, grandparents and younger/older siblings are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We keep our students engaged and interested in learning. Our attendance record tells it all – our children want to be at TSS.  Check out our program on the TSS website or call Shari Gluskin at 610-481-9088.

A Message to TSS Parents:

Dear TSS Parents ,

Enclosed you will find the calendar and special events for the year 2014-2015. We have planned an exciting year for all of our children.  With your participation we hope to make this a wonderful school year.

Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah children are strongly encouraged to continue in Religious School. These students will not be required to attend from 9:30-10:30 for T’fillah and Hebrew instruction. Activities that are varied and Jewishly relevant have been planned. Please see  the attached list for an overview of these special events. Please sign up for our post Bar/Bat Mitvah Confirmation classes.

I know that your children will enjoy the activities and will benefit from being active participants in Temple life. Temple Shirat Shalom is a unique institution: equipped to share Jewish traditions and educate our children in an innovative and nurturing environment.

 Shari Gluskin


Calendar 2014-1015


12           Sukkot school-wide event and first day of Religious School


26           Kabalat Shabbat in a box- making challah, challah covers, Kiddush cups  and candles








14           Chanukah Celebration










1             Purim Event



22           Passover Event





26           Israeli Dancing


Additional events  to be included above: Oil olive press and matzah bakery at the Chabad,  an art project under the direction of Avi Zuckerman and family education events


  • Classes for pre- bar/bat mitzvah students will begin at 9:30, post bar/bat mitzvah students may attend at 10:30 following Hebrew instruction.  Each month grades 7-9 will have events scheduled within the community.  Rides will be provided


Events For Grades 7-9

For the upper grades we are planning a series of event that will be both enjoyable and educational. These events will be allied with the curriculum to stimulate discussion and learning.

*A movie series with Jewish content and comedic overtones

*We will be undertaking some traditional Jewish cooking and eating

*A field trip to a supermarket to look for kosher foods and understand the challenges of maintaining a kosher home here in the Lehigh Valley

*We intend to spend time working at a soup kitchen

*A visit is planned to the mikvah

*The class will visit a Jewish cemetary


Contact Information

For more information about the TSS Religious School, contact any of the following:


Directions to TSS religious school at Allentown JCC


Please click here to download religious school registration form