Join Us – What TSS Can Offer You

What Temple Shirat Shalom can offer you?


Founded in March 2011, we are a new and exciting congregation.  We strive to be a warm and caring congregation focused on our families, our friends, and our community.  We recognize that our community is very diverse and every member has his/her own needs.  We welcome Jews of all backgrounds, races, cultures and sexual orientations, adults and children with special needs and Jews-by-choice, and reach out to unaffiliated and interfaith families.  Our members have had a long and distinguished history of service both to the Jewish people and to the general community.  Our worship experience is warm, spiritual, and uplifting.  Our programs and activities are social, educational, and communal in nature.

We are a Reform-based congregation and we take with great seriousness our special responsibility to meet a wide variety of individual needs on a very personal level.  We are guided by tradition, but not bound by it.  We offer a Temple community of Jewish life and ritual that seeks to support, sustain and strengthen the personal feelings and collective commitment of our membership.  Our mission is to take the individual spark of every one of our members, and transform that into a warm and vibrant flame of Jewish learning and Jewish living.