Calling on Congregants who want to deliver a Shabbat Sermon


One very wonderful tradition we have at TSS is ‘Learning from One Another’ by way of lay sermons at Shabbat worship services. We learn about one another, we learn from one another, and we broaden our perspective through this unique activity. It has been a very meaningful undertaking for those of us who have developed and delivered a lay sermon. If you would like to deliver a Shabbat sermon, please contact Cantor Sussman.

Memorial Plaques Now Available

Do you have a loved one who you would like to venerate with a memorial plaque at Temple Shirat Shalom?

Now you can honor the loving memory of a departed family member or close friend by having his or her name inscribed on a Memorial Plaque for placement on our TSS Memorial Board.

Our Memorial Board is usually displayed in the sanctuary at Shabbat services on the first Shabbat of each month.

Memorial plaques are now available for $150. Anyone interested can remit a check for $150 to Temple Shirat Shalom with the deceased person’s full name and the date of their death in English as well as Hebrew if known. Please send the checks to Temple Shirat Shalom, PMB#278, 3140 W. Tilghman St. , Allentown, Pa. 18104 with the information. Shipment takes at least 6-8 weeks with 1-2 plaques shipped at one time.

Please contact Marlene Plotnick ( if there are any further questions.

There is no more fitting way to perpetuate the cherished memory of your departed loved ones than by inscribing their names on the synagogue Memorial Board.