Meet your new TSS Board of Trustees!

At the annual congregational meeting on May 4th, the following Temple officers and Board members were elected. Congratulations!

President – Don Belmont;

President-Elect – Elliot Gluskin;

Secretary – Marcia Berkow;

Treasurer/Finance Committee– Jay Plotnick;

Chair of Membership committee – Debi Nelson;

Chair of Religious School Committee – Shari Gluskin and Janet Hogan, co-chairs;

At-large members – Audrey Nolte, Cheryl Shadick, Jonathan Hertz, Ellen Miller, Susan Shmookler, Neil Hogan, Liz Kamp.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the meeting and election, and a big “THANK YOU” to all who volunteered their time and energy to serve on the Board!

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