People of the Book

People of the Book

We have new prayer books. And it has been a joy and a happy challenge to maneuver through the songs and prayers as we all learn the new rhythm of our Shabbat Service.
Books are an important feature in Judaism. After all, we are “the People of The Book.” And The Book is what held our people together through centuries of discord and Diaspora. The words that were handed down through generations, finally written on parchment, to teach the world and it’s people a civilized and orderly way to conduct their business, their relationships and their lives.

The Torah is our guide. Our ancestors are the unknowing mentors playing center stage in life’s drama. Through their trials and tribulations we are schooled in human behavior, as it existed thousands of years ago and in many ways is as relevant today as it was then.

So books are important. That we can evolve and grow in our spiritual learning through books is a gift that we should cherish. Here is an open invitation to join our Shabbat Service and experience the new prayer books.

Thank you to Audrey Nolte for spearheading the project to obtain the new prayer books. Thank you to Cantor Sussman who, each week, guides us through the songs and prayers, and thanks to all of you who sponsored a new prayer book for Temple Shirat Shalom.

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